How To Make Your Car Battery Last Longer And Work Better.

Battery Power

If you have ever owned a car or boat, dead batteries have been a part of your life. Without a battery, your car is not moving and can leave you stuck in places you would rather not be. Car batteries also have a tendency to die on you when you least expect it and without warning. There are several causes of dead car batteries. The most common is the build up of sulfate on the plates. This interferes and prevents the proper charging and discharging of the battery. This situation is worsened in the following conditions: temperatures over 70 degrees, storing without a trickle charger connected to it, and discharging the battery below 10.5 volts. Another common issue is losing electrolyte from overcharging or over heating the battery. Finally, under charging the battery will add to its untimely demise.

There are several strategies you can use to extend the life of your car battery and avoid a dead battery crisis. Regular maintenance of your automotive battery is a must, especially in extreme weather conditions. Remember over heating is bad. Check the electrolyte

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Honda Brio – An Honest Review


In the year 2011 in the month of September, Honda launched the Honda Brio and tagged it -I am making for you-. Brio comes from the Italian word, which means cheerful, lively and energetic. The construction and the design of the bra is outstanding , and engineers have taken care of the each part and put them in place by keeping all their customers need in mind. Brio is the 2nd hatchback offered after the Honda jazz in the small car market. Although this niche is overcrowded and populated, though the brio is turning heads of its admirers because of its exclusive designs and, excellent features all with affordable prices.

The design of the brio

The exterior and interior design of the Brio is simply tremendous. One of the main selling features of the vehicle is the back light of the car which is made of glass uniquely and is located at the lower end. At first sight the car makes appear a little small to you but actually it is 3.6 meters space which is more than enough for comfort and leg space


Automotive Components Manufacturers – Driving Demand In The Global Market


The automotive components industry has over the years matured not only in quantitative terms but has also witnessed tremendous growth in manufacturing beyond geographical boundaries. There are many organizations making huge investments in research and development, engineering standards and design capabilities. Automotive manufacturers are looking beyond the local market and looking to improve their international presence and sales of products. Many organizations are sending their employees to different countries to get them equipped with the latest trends abroad.

The automotive industry is one of the most sought after industries in the world. Automotive components manufacturers are looking to enhance their market presence and increase revenues by manufacturing auto parts that are genuine and economically priced. The rise in demand for automotive components has motivated auto components manufacturers to adopt a global outlook with innovative engineering solutions. Besides productions of traditional automotive components, there has been expansion to the production of sub assemblies, industrial gears etc.

Automotive components manufacturers supply products, services and solutions to original equipments manufacturers who use automotive components of high quality in their vehicles and automotive systems. Manufacturers need to consistently


Buying a Used Japanese Car


As per the latest auto news, a research undertaken by Warranty Direct An insurance expert and by What Car? the motoring magazine indicates that Japanese cars are the most reliable in the used car category. A reliability survey also showed that the top seven places in ten were taken by Japan Car Manufacturers while European used cars are from among the ten least reliable

Japanese car manufacturers Honda leading for the fifth year, followed by Subaru, Mitsubishi, Lexus and Toyota in that order took the top credits in polls conducted on performing old cars aged between three and ten years . Very few of these cars required repairs in a one year period of use, with Honda leading with the least at just seven per cent cars needing repairs.

The other Japanese used cars leading the lot were Mazda and Nissan. Germany-made Skoda and Britain-made MINI were the only cars from the west that passed the survey of reliable used cars, with Skoda in the eighth and MINI in the tenth position. Among the least reliable cars Land Rover of Britain led at 53%


Jay Leno To Drive Hydrogen Powered Car

Automakers are coming up with more and more green vehicles. Toyota started it all with the hybrid Prius and other automakers are quick to follow. According to experts, while hybrid vehicles definitely have its advantages, it is not the ideal car for the future when it comes to the reduction of carbon footprint. The use of hydrogen as fuel is considered by many as the perfect solution to reduce the damage done by vehicles to the environment.

Honda came up with the FCX. The said vehicle runs on hydrogen and is now being tested in the United States by select fleet and individuals. Honda though is not the only automaker which has developed a vehicle that is fueled by hydrogen. German automaker BMW has also developed the Hydrogen 7 – a hydrogen-powered luxury sedan. Several units of this vehicle are already being tested in the country. The German automaker gave keys of the Hydrogen 7 to several celebrities including Will Ferrell. The newest celebrity to be given a key to the Hydrogen 7 is The Tonight Show host Jay Leno.

The comedian has been known to be an automotive enthusiast who knows how to work on cars. Giving him a key to


Jaguar Facts And Some Automotive History

Jaguar has been a leader in the car industry since the early 1920s, and it has been making fantastic vehicles and impressing its customers since then. Jaguar is particularly well known for making sophisticated cars that are stylish and innovative.. We will take a look at some Jaguar facts and see some history behind this great automotive brand that makes it what it is today.

1. William Lyons started the Jaguar company with the goal of making luxurious cars at an affordable cost. When he first displayed his car to the general public, he invited everyone to guess how much the car cost. With a vehicle that looked truly dazzling and yet comfortable, most people thought it would be quite expensive. In reality, it cost almost half of what most people had guessed.

2. In 1938, Lyons was preparing a brand new car for the market, the SS100 coupe, and it was displayed to great reviews at the British Motor show that year. However, when Britain entered WWII the next year, plans for production had to be stopped, and that car was the only SS100 ever made.

3. Jaguars have been used on public roads and in races, finding great success in both


Improving Diesel Performance

Diesel engines run at a high compression ratio and are capable of great economy and astounding power. When it comes to improving the performance of a diesel engine there are many options available. Without a doubt the diesel performance chip or diesel performance module is the most popular diesel performance modification available. These diesel chips can work in a number of different ways such as by enhancing injection timing, line pressure, or just by dumping in more fuel.
Just dumping in more fuel is the easy and lazy way out. Chips that do this are usually quite cheap to purchase and are really nothing more than a variable resistor and allow you to dump more fuel in. The injectors are held open longer so that more fuel can be injected into the cylinder. The problem with this method is that it is very inefficient and can lead to poor emissions as well as engine damage. More fuel on the fire equals more heat in a diesel and these types of chips can increase engine temperatures to dangerous levels. Also, while you will often get a good power increase there will usually be a large amount of unburnt fuel dumped out


How To Find Lost Car Keys

There are not too many feelings as unnerving as when you lose your car keys. Most people have experienced that at one time or another but in the worst case scenario is that it is rather easy to remedy. People losing their car keys over all the past years have necessitated more and more locksmiths being certified at automotive locksmith as well. Locksmith in the Chicago area is a certified automotive locksmith who can help you out when you encounter a situation like this.

In addition to replacing your lost car keys, locksmiths can also help you if it is becoming difficult to turn your key in the ignition. Experienced locksmiths can assist you and replace the following types of car keys:

o Electronic and Transponder Keys

o High Security

o Key Duplication & Replacement

o Laser-Cut Keys

o Transponder keys

The majority of the newer model vehicles typically feature entry and ignition keys that have a computer chip in them and can handle replacement of those as well. Locksmiths give, reliable, and trusted services in the Chicago area and with the state-of-the-art computerized equipment, can easily replace your vehicle keys and you have you back on the road efficiently and effortlessly so you don’t have to


How Japanese Engines Have Altered The Modern Automotive Trends Arena

Japanese engines form one of the most reliable forms of mechanized locomotion in this age. They span back to their advent in world war two Japan but picked up mainly during the war and after the war. These machines are either made by hand or using a controlled assembly line. Due to the high level of experience, these machines are regarded as one of the best worldwide.

Apparatus originating from Japan mostly use the electronic fuel injection. This refers to a technology that sprays very thin droplets of fuel into the combustion chamber. It is this technology that makes the use of fuel by these machines very effective and economical. It is wide gap between Japan cars and guzzlers from the US.

These automotive parts are either petrol based or diesel based. Diesel ones, usually are very efficient and economical in running huge plants and vehicles. Petrol on the other end may not be cheap but they are easy to run and maintain. This is a generic characteristic of any engine no matter the manufacturer.

For those seeking to buy, it would be vital to understand the dynamics of markets. Terms used to describe these variations may be confusing so it is good